The Death of Content – Long Live Storytelling

@ritadynan had posted this article, Why Agencies and Brands Need to Embrace True Storytelling: Branded content is not the same thing, on her Twitter page.

“To build on the opportunities that today’s hyperconnected and social consumer as well as new distribution platforms offer, agencies and brands need to move away from thinking about branded content and embrace true storytelling,” Jon Hamm states in his article What Agencies and Brands Need to Embrace True Storytelling.

Through storytelling, people outside the organization have the opportunity to feel more involved in the message of the organization and will therefore feel more connected and more likely to invest themselves in it.  By portraying your message via storytelling rather than overwhelming an audience with pure content, a person can place themselves in the message of your institution and clearly understand what it has to offer and its overall mission.


Content is content – basic informative details of an institution coming from the mind of the organization.  But storytelling connects on a deeper level with the audience, portraying basic human values and beliefs.  Content then has nothing against what storytelling advertising can generate because it has the capability to connect with the minds of the audience.  As Hamm relays, storytelling is the way we “explain the world around us…  The truly great storytellers have long embraced the fact that the most powerful stories happen in the mind of the audience, making each and every story unique and personal for the individual.”  Understanding this idea and using it effectively can be one of the most effective marketing tools.  Read Hamm’s full article here.


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