Word of Tweet

With the extreme rate of technological development, the way people communicate and operate is vastly changing and with this so are the practices of business and marketing.  Now, not only are individuals using online networks and communities such as Facebook to connect with others, but businesses are making an online presence here as well.  More and more businesses are creating social media accounts like Facebooks and Twitter to share real time posts such as “status updates” or “tweets” to connect to viewers.  These small online actions may not seem like they will accomplish much, but they may actually yield to big results.

Today, more and more studies are showing how small acts of online engagement are leading to more and more offline activity.  With the outbreak of social media and mobile sharing, online marketing is growing enormously and should be jumped on by non-profits because it is essentially free.  Sites like Tumblr, Youtube, and Twitter, not only bring your network to the light of millions of people, but also allow people all over the world to tap into your network and connect with your institution on a different level.  And not only will they connect, but you will be giving them the capability to share your message through more than word of mouth – they can share through the vast, endless, worldwide web.  Take a look at this infographic that illustrates the 20 marketing stats that will drive 2014 as predicted by Webdam, a web-based digital asset management platform…Image

Now, nonprofits do not have to be held back as much by their financial barriers and can connect people in some of the same ways for-profit organizations connect.  Here is a great example done by the Philadelphia Museum of Art – launching their new Special Exhibition: Léger: Modern Art and the Metropolis by connecting to their home based Philadelphian audience.


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